Ife Sarumi

Founder & Executive Director

Ife Sarumi is a Graduate of Politics and Philosophy from the University of Hull, whose passion lies at the intersection of Politics and the media. She is a practicing public relations officer, with an innate passion for actualizing the potential of young people. Her beliefs drive her to focus on advocating for the empowerment of disadvantaged youths in Africa through policy reform.

Femi Oke

Trustee, Head Of Learning Development

Femi serves as a Director in several companies, ranging from Property Development to Agriculture, and Hotels/Tourism. Additionally, he is the Director General of The Nigerian Institute. Aside from business interests, Mr. Oke is an active supporter of encouraging youth participation through education, strategizing, and mentoring.

Philip Oke

Research Analyst & Editor

Philip Oke is a graduate of Law from the University of the West of England. Philip is a lawyer and an aspiring entrepreneur with interests in media, law and politics. He is passionate about Nigerian leadership and governance, voter education, and youth involvement in Nigerian politics. He loves football, reading, history and having healthy debates.

Faweya Oluwaseun

Logistics and Administration

Faweya Oluwaseun is a Medical Doctor in training at the College of Medicine, Lagos State University, Ikeja. He is passionate about youth development, politics, leadership, and governance. Seun is committed to building a generation of leaders who will together rewrite the narrative of the Nigerian healthcare system.

Ekanem Ukpong

Finance Officer

Ekanem Ukpong is an Accounting and Financial Management graduate with a keen interest in in Finance, Economics, Policy, and Politics. He is passionate about civic education, as well as youth participation in Nigerian politics. He loves reading, playing football, and having scholarly debates.

Deborah Semeton Whesu

Head of Logistics

Deborah is an undergraduate at Lagos State University, pursuing a degree in Transport Studies. She believes in adding value to people’s lives and she goes about doing that by contributing to social incentives which impact positive change to the world.